Tangled Christmas Ornaments by PennyRae

I seen a video on You Tube by Susan McNeill on how to make these Christmas Ornaments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPdS8BGhGis...
 Below is my version of what she did. I did a little different spin on them. I used colored card. 
Here are some photo's of mine with some Tangled Stars I also made.
I came across the pattern for these 5 Sided Star Ornaments on a web sight. Not sure where.
They are very easy and fun to make. Can be made for any holiday or occasion. They can hang by themselves or be used as a bow on a package or gift bag.
Tangled Christmas Tree with Bulb's & Stars

Tangled  Christmas Bulbs

 Tangled Christmas Stars
This 1st star is an enlargement of the regular size stars I make and I added a base so I could use it as the tree topper. 


 For a tutorial on how to make the stars click here.

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