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Zentangle® Inspired Art

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New ZIA'S will be added often.

3/17/13-Here are this weeks Zia's.
First two are Eagles one is larger than the other but both are similar.

Next we have two different fish Zia's one is larger than the other.

Then we have two Zia's that I used Whyz as the border around the outside edge. One has a Bear and the other has a Hummingbird.

3/4/13-Here are a few more ZIA'S I drew this week.

Proud Eagle


Wading Crane

Dancing Crane

Crane on a Hilltop

2/28/2013-I've been drawing some fish stuff for a display at the Erickson Center for the 
arts in Curtis. This is some of what I came up with. First picture is of a ZIA which I am going to frame and the 2nd is a couple Round Boxes and a couple Gift Bags.

This 3rd picture is of a ZIA with a Bear that I will be framing.

2/15/13-Here are a couple more Hummingbirds, a deer and a Heart design I drew this week.

2/9/13-I was asked by a lady at work to draw something for her sister with a Hummingbird in it. Well I couldn't just stop at 1 so I did 4 different ones and here they are. I was also asked about fish by a cople people so here is my interpretation of a Large Mouth Bass also.

2/7/13-This week I've been tangling on some Gift tags and boxes. Here is a picture of some the tags I did this week. Tangling on gift tags is a great daily practice. They are small enough to finis in one setting. Most of them were only about 5 to 6 inches long.

Wolf added on 1/30/13

Deer added on 1/30/13

Eagle added on 1/30/13

Wolf added on 1/30/13

Eagle Added on 1/26/13-Drew on 1/21 & 22/13
 This is a Tetrahedron which I printed on white card and then tangled on it before folding and gluing.
 Here is Wolf  Howling at the Moon.

Here are a couple different Wolf drawings I did. The first is on White card and the 2nd is on like a golden colored parchment card. Same basic String used on both.

I was drawing something with a crane on it and did 2 different ones.

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