Tangled Star Ornament Tutorial

I came across the pattern for these 5 Sided Star Ornaments on a web sight. Not sure where.
They are very easy and fun to make. Can be made for any holiday or occasion. They can hang by themselves or be used as a bow on a package or gift bag.
Step 1-Draw and cut out a 5 inch 5 point star shape(Here is a Pattern Sheet)-I use Canson 140lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper.
Step 2-I drew my Zentangle® string first and then tangled the star. (Some people add score lines first but I find it easier to tangle first).
Step 3-I then used a scoreboard and bone folder to score the fold lines on the backside of the star, score from the top of one point all the way to the other side at the valley junction between 2 points,do this all the way around until all points are scored.
Step 4-Now I fold the star
a-Points are mountain folds to center
b-Valleys between points are valley folds to center
All folds should meet in the center.
Step 5-Punch a hole in the top ( I hold the star so there is one point at the top and two points at the bottom and sides.)
Step 6-I added a small Brad in center and attached a piece of ribbon as a hang cord.

I work at a Casino owned by the Bay Mills Tribe and one of the girls I work with ask me to make one of these Star Ornaments with the Native colors, so here are the 3 Stars I came up with.

Now here are some photo's of my other Star Ornaments. They are cute done with a different pattern on each point or all the same pattern.

I have also did a bunch of these that can be viewed in the slideshow on my blog. If you scroll down the left side of this page until you come to the slide shows the Star one is the third one down.

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