Zentangle Challenges

Zentangle® Challenges are by i am the diva Laura Harms . She issues a new challenge every Monday. To be included in the weekly slide show you must post your entry by midnight on Saturday. On this page I will post my version of each weeks challenge. Click on top photo to open up a clickable slide show.

11/19/13-Well it's been awhile since I've posted any of my Zentangle drawings here. I've been drawing, just not posting. So here is a reindeer I did for an upcoming Christmas show in a couple weeks. This weeks challenge #145 at the i am the Diva Challenge is "New Official Tangle:Quib" here is my version of Quib. I know it's not a tile but an 8X8 in framed piece.

4/46/13-Zentangle Challenge #114-You with the Stars in Your Eyes.
I work for the Bay Mills Indian Tribe and I designed these Star Ornaments to hang on a tree or be used as a bow on a package or gift bag. They are colored in the Bay Mills Colors. I have also did a bunch of these that can be viewed in the slideshow on my blog. If you scroll down the left side of this page until you come to the slide shows the Star one is the third one down. I will be adding a tutorial on these in the next week.

 4/10/13-Zentangle Challenge 113-Hip to be Square-I managed to get 11 squares into my tile. I even used some tangles that I haven't used in awhile.

4/7/13-Zentangle Challenge 112 Tuxedo. I've done two tiles for this challenge.  In the first I've used the pattern Tuxedo in the Bears front legs. This didn't turn out quite like I wanted. It seems a little busyto me even after shading. I couldn't quite get the pattern to turn out like I wanted.

The second tile with the crane I like better. I just put a stack of Tuxedo in front of some other bush type patterns.

3/31/13-Zentangle Challenge 111-Mooka-Maddnes Monotangle-Mania
Mooka Practice-Mooka is a tangle that I've not done much with up until now.

3/19/13-Zentangle® Challenge 110-Outside the Box-Well my box is pretty big because I usually try just about anything, but since I have only been Tangling since last August I had yet to try tangling on wood. So this Bear shape is cut out of wood about 3/4 in. thick, I ten painted it white with Acrylic paint and tangled it with some sharpies and finished it off with some clear spray. I like the way it turned out and since I have another one I can't wait to try this again, maybe use some color. Should look good hanging on the wall.

3/17/13-Zentangle® Challenge 109 Zentangle® Quest I was drawing some fish so I used this new tangle on their tails. I think it worked out pretty well.

3/12/13-Zentangle® Challenge 108 Whyz-I did something a little different this week, I was working on some small calendars for the fridge and some business cards so I used Whyz on them for this weeks challenge. The first little calender has them in a curved border end to end along each sid of the pattern Meer. The second little calender has them along the bottom edge side by side and the last little calender has them along bottom edge in two large squares side by side and then the business card has them in a row along the bottom.

2/23/13-Zentangle® Challenge 107-New Tangle Quandry-This week I was really pushed for time so I combined my Diva Challenge and Zendala® Dare. I used the tangle quandry on the template provided by Erin at the Bright Owl.

2/15/13-Zentangle® Challenge 106-Chinese New Year of the Snake. As I was out of town again which I will be until winter is over. I stay over where I work as I have a good hour ( which can turn into 2 or 3 dependent on how much snow we are getting) to and from work. So I have to make due with what I have with me when the challenges come out, which is usually a piece of white paper and a pen. So here is my curvy snake shape with a little Valentines thrown in.

2/7/13-Zentangle® Challenge 105-Dansk
This weeks challenge was to use the pattern Dansk. As I was out of town and had to use the supplies I had on hand (some Gift Tags) I chose to tangle the gift tags and use Dansk as one of my patterns. The oval tag I chose to make Dansk the central pattern and the other one I was doing to match a gift box that I had tangled Bears all around so I used Dansk as the bears front leg and paw.

2/2/13-Zentangle® Challenge # 003-Back to Basics

1/30/13-Zentangle® Challenge 103-Moebius Syndrome Awareness-This didn't start out to be an Angel but it looks kind of like one when I added the flowers and Zinger's.

1/17/13-Zentangle® Challenge Duo 102-Auroknot/Bunzo-My entry for  this is very simple but the more I look at it the more I like it. It just kinda pulls you in.

1/12/13-Zentangle® 101-Phicops-Entry 2-I tried to make Phicop's stand out more in my second entry. In my 1st entry I was drawing something for someone with a Crane in it and the Crane took over. Yes I did use Phicop's but in this 2nd entry I was thinking more about the pattern.
1/11/13-Zentangle® 101-Phicops-Well I was drawing something for someone with a crane in it and Phicops just found there way into this drawing so here is my entry for this week. Phicops worked out so well as the grassy stuff in the front corners. I can see I will be using this a lot.
Zendala Dares

Given to us  by Erin Olson at The Bright Owl , they are for anyone to try. They are just for fun. Zendala's are the combination's of Zentangle® and Mandala's. A new template is available every Friday morning and she provides a spot to link up and post your entry. It's fun to look at all the submissions and see how each person works the same string or interprets the instruction's. I will post my submissions here. They will go from newest to oldest.
Click on top photo to open up a clickable slide show.

5/31/13-Zendala Dare 59-I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with this one but it kinda turned out like "Let's Party" I like it.

5/21/13-Zendala Dare #58 I didn't set out for this to be all straight and curved lines but that is what happened. This tangle just had a mind of it's own.

 5/14/13-Zendala Dare #57

5/1/13-Zendala Dare # 55

4/22/13-Zendala Dare #54-Twisty
I went with a colored Zendala this week. I guess I'm trying to brighten things up a little with all the snow this week and now rain today. It still didn't come out real cheery. It does look a little brighter now that I scanned it in, kinda like a twirly flower.

4/14/13-Zendala Dare 53-Anniversary

4/7/13-Zendala Dare 52-Holy Hollibaugh-Hollibaugh is usually done with straight lines but I like to do it with curved lines and loops. With this weeks Dare I used the outline as the string and the pattern at the same time, I also did this as a mono tangle with just Hollibaugh.

 4/1/13-Zendala Dare 51

3/25/13-Zendala Dare #50

3/19/13-Zendala Dare #49-I've named this one Sunflower Dance. Alot of lines on this one.

3/13/13-Zendala Dare  #48 -This turned out quit flowery but I like it. We're getting snow again this last few days. YUCK! Spring where are you?

3/4/13-Zendala Dare Losing It #47-We were given a template and were told to take part of it away and tangle what was left. I removed the center ovals and kept only the outer ring of ovals.

2/28/2013-Zendala Dare 46 I loved this template. I did it all flowery and swirly.

2/23/13-Zendala Dare 45-I really liked this template. I tried to make the star shape in the center like it was floating on stones with the circle around it  kinda peeling back, opening up to reveal the star. Kinda kooky but it's what I see.

2/9/13-Zendala Dare 44

2/9/13-Zendala Dare 43-Feeling Like an Artist
I went very basic with this one and only used two patterns but I think I got quit alot of depth with it. Each layer looks like it's floating on top of the next.

2/2/13-Zendala Dare 42

1/26/13-Zendala Dare 41-This week I've done two version of the dare one in black & white and the other in color.On the black & white one my feathers didn't quite come out like I wanted. They look like a cross between leaves and feathers. The colored one came out darker than what I wanted.  It was a really gloomy snowy day tho. We've been getting hit with snow now for a week. I drew the colored one about 3 days into the snow storm.  Two weeks ago it got so warm that it melted most of our snow and now its back with even more. I hate two story snowbanks. I was thinking of flowers so when Erin came out with this Dare it was perfect to do something Earthy and Flowery. I used leaves, flowers, Phicops- reminded me of big leaves, Verve- I used this to represent the water needed to make everything grow and small beaded edge to represent seeds which are the beginning of the flowers.

1/17/13-Zendala Dare 40-Well I like parts of this and parts I don't.

Below you will find my entries for this weeks Zendala Dare #39 , the instructions for and following those is the template.

1/10/13-This weeks instructions called for us to do everything outside our comfort zone. Whatever you normally don't do, do it and whatever you normally do, don't do it. Well I normally shade alot, stay withing the template, don't color so on my 1st entry I shaded a little, tried to change the shape of the template a little and colored it. 
On my 2nd entry I did no shading, changed the template a little and colored it.
Below are the instructions and template for the Zendala Dare #39-ZenDon't

Zendala Dare #39 - ZenDon't 
This week when you find yourself doing something you would normally do with your Zendala, don't do it.

This week:
  • If you normally use black and white.  Don't.  Try one or more colors.
  • If you always shade heavily.  Don't.  Trying not shading at all.
  • If you always use a favorite tangle.  Don't.  Try a tangle you have never tried before.
  • If you always go to the edge of the tile.  Don't.  Try leaving a border.
  • If you always fill every space.  Don't.  This is your chance to be a minimalist.  
  • If you always procastinate and wait until the end of the week.  Don't.  Print the template right now and post it.
  • If you always look at your Zendala and then post a comment about how your "disappointed" or "just not happy" with how it came out.  Don't.  Your work is beautiful.  Give it the compliments it deserves.  
  • If you always stay inside the lines and never deviate from the template.  Don't.  Draw a big X or a squiggly line right through the template and see how it changes your finished piece. 

Celtic Challenges
These Celtic Challenges are put out  by Creative Doodling with Judy West.  They are not a competition, but just for fun. To enter the Celtic Challenges yourself click the link above to go to her site and then copy her template to use in your own entry. All the instructions and how to's are on her site. She will be posting new Challenges every fortnight and there will be 2 options each challenge. Click on top photo to open up a clickable slide show.

5/22/13-Celtic Challenge 28
We were to use just two colors. I've used purple and red.

5/13/13-Celtic Challenge #27

4/22/13-Celtic Challenge #26-Doodle & Color

4/7/13-Celtic Challenge 25A

3/31/13-Celtic Challenge 24A

3/19/13-Celtic Challenge23A

2/28/2013-Celtic Challenge 22A

2/15/13-Celtic Challenge 21 A. We were to use the Celtic outline provided and use patterned paper or handmade paper. First entry I used some pink handmade paper with a darker pink fiber embedded in the paper . My second entry I used some blue paper with a confetti print. I used different patterns on each one. The pink one is done very simply, letting the difference between the pink and black make a bold statement. With the blue one I used all lines and circular designs to compement the paper.

1/30/13-Celtic Challenge 20A-I went with a Valentine Theme on this one.

1/12/13-My first entry for the new year in the Celtic Challenge. I used her template and went from there. I will be out of town the rest of the week and will try and draw another and post it next week.

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